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Hear Dr. Peter Martone, also known as Dr. Sleep Right, share insider knowledge on how to get the best night sleep of your life using the Neck Nest Pillow.

Replay: How To Use Your Neck Nest Webinar 7/5/2023

In this 45 minute webinar Dr. Martone explains how to get the most benefit out of your Neck Nest by positioning it correctly and reviews the most common mistakes people make.


Neck Nest Overview

3 Steps On How To Use Your Neck Nest

Breaking In Your Neck Nest May Take 1 - 2 Weeks. We have started to use pressure to break them in at the warehouse.

Putting On Your Custom Neck Nest Cover

Adding and Removing Fill From your Neck Nest

Get To Sleep In Under 10 Minutes

Advanced Neck Pillow Placement

How Food Effects Your Sleep

The Head Garage

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the Neck Nest made from?

The shell of the Neck Nest (and the custom cover) is 100% cotton. You can also get the custom cover in polyester.

2. What is the filling in the Neck Nest?
The filling is made of 650 duck down. NOTE: we have a new version of the Neck Nest coming out in the Summer of 2024 with a hypoallergenic down fill to address the requests we've received for those allergic to down. We tried many different fillers, but none were as effective as the down to accomplish what this pillow was designed for.

3. How long can I expect the Neck Nest to last?

It is recommended to replace your Neck Nest every three to five years.

4. Do you provide extra filling if needed?

Absolutely, we sell extra filling for $8 per bag (9 x 13) and includes free shipping.

5. Do the tags and zippers go on the right or left hand side when laying down?
The tags from both the Neck Nest and the custom cover should be positioned on the left hand side. Please refer to the above webinar that shows placement and how to get the most out of your Neck Nest.

6. HELP! I’m a side sleeper? How can I learn to fall asleep on my back?
First, the conscious brain requires comfort to be able to shut down and fall asleep, but often mistakes comfort for safety. The subconscious brain wants to feel safe, while the body requires a pain free, aligned position so that sleep does not become disrupted. In order to create the feeling of safety while laying on your back, you can use a weighted blanket or a pillow on your chest to create pressure. You can also cover your eyes with an eye mask. There is also an option of positioning a pillow on your side to give you the
feeling as though you are laying on your side.

7. Do I need to sleep on my back all night to see benefits?
No. This is where we need to give ourselves grace and be patient. We’ve always been
told to “go to sleep”, but we’ve never been taught “how to sleep”. HOW you FALL sleep
is the key to getting deep, restful sleep. When you FALL asleep on your back using the Neck Nest, you are stretching the neck to bring back the natural curve of your spine. If you can start with the first 15 minutes, even if you wake up on your side after a few hours, the body will adjust because it operates at a subconscious level to help maintain proper body orientation.

8. How will this help my snoring?
When you are using the Neck Nest properly, your head will be slightly tilted back (again, bringing back the natural curve of your spine) allowing your airways to open. You can also use the Neck Nest with another pillow as an incline if needed.

9. Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We ship weekly to the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Please note, shipping fees are created by the carrier and are out of our control.

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